"You are truly stone-cold, Beatrix, and like ice, since not even the Greco wine was able to warm you up yesterday evening!"

These lines are taken from an engraving brought to light in the ancient city of Pompeii. Dated back to the 2nd century B.C, they are the first evidence of the presence in Italy of the vines now known with the name of Greco di Tufo. It is thought that the first “Greek” vineyards were first planted on the Vesuvius slopes to be then brought to the Irpinia area.

Many are the authors that mention the Greco grapes in their pages. From Aristotle we learn that this vines came from the Thessaly region of Greece, and that its fruits gave birth to a wine that would improve with time. Afterwards those grapes were named Amineae Geminae by the Romans for their shape with separate twin “wings”.

Thethis,was the most pretty of the Nereid nymphs, daughter of Nereus and Doris. She was known for her ability to increase her charm through continuous metamorphoses. Just like Thethis, our Teti Greco di Tufo stands out of most other varieties white wines for its virtue to improve with time.


The origins of this vine, coming from Greece as well as the Greco di Tufo, are very ancient. It was introduced to Italy between the VII and the VI century B.C, with the name of “Ellenicon”. Still today the Aglianico is called Ellanico in some areas of Irpinia and of Lucania, while the change to the “Aglianico” name dates back to the Spanish dominance over the Naples reign.

Peleus, king of Thessaly, was Thetis husband and Achilles father. Our Taurasi wine , named Re Peleo, is then the patriarch, also for our wines. Complex and harmonious thanks to the ageing for 12 months in oak barrels, it is aged and fierce, as you would expect a great meditation wine should be.

Achilles is the Greek hero par excellence, invincible for the enemies but tender with the beloved Briseis. He was known for the invulnerability given to him by his mother Thetis by dipping him in the sacred river Styx. Only one part of his body made him like the lesser beings: his heel. Our Aglianico wine Achilleus is strong and assertive like Achilles, has lasting and intense aromas that leave their mark, by and large the red wine par excellence. At the same time it is mellow and pleasantly all-encompassing. At the end, its thousand years history makes it a timeless wine, spectator of all ages.