Our vineyards…our passion

Tenuta Mavì was born from the passion for wine and for country life of an engineer and a teacher who dedicated to vine growing their own energy with care and satisfaction.

The Tenuta Mavì vineyards are located in Santa Paolina, one of the eight municipalities of the Irpinia province in Campania, an Italian region, where the growing of the native grape variety Greco di Tufo is a long lasting tradition, ruled and disciplined by the Italian and European authorities since some decades in order to preserve its high quality characteristics.

Tenuta Mavì owns five vineyards, all located in the same area. The first two were planted in 2004 and are 1,2 hectares (3 acres). They point to south-east. They are producing the grapes base for our Greco di Tufo wine (see the section Products). The other three vineyards were planted more recently. They are located in front of the first two, on the other side of the valley bottom river.

We care for vine growing with techniques that privilege the environment, and grape quality over quantity.

The wine that originates from these grapes has all the flavour of a land situated at 400 m altitude, in a valley with a typical thermal excursion of 10°-12° degrees Celsius during summer. The soil is mainly clay and sand, with the presence of minerals, like sulphur, that provide for peculiar savoury, body and flavour.